Research indicates men initiate negotiations about four times as often as women, while 20% of women never negotiate. More men than women claim they are happier in their relationships its possible applying effective negotiation techniques are responsible. Although many women like men to anticipate their needs we are not mind readers! There is an art to negotiating in Dating Game and if you’re scared to ask for what you want a man isn’t going to know your standards and expectations.

Set Your Boundaries

Before you get involved in the Dating Game you need to be very clear about the following:

• What are your priorities?
• What is important to you?
• What are you prepared to compromise on?

The easiest way to sabotage yourself in a dating negotiation is not being clear about your boundaries. Knowing clearly what you are prepared to compromise on and what may be unacceptable is absolutely essential before any dating negotiations. Like a good lawyer structuring a defense, you need to frame your argument before any negotiation. You should know what your goals are so begin with the end in mind and you wont be enticed into an agreement that may cause bitter regret once you’re involved.

What do you want?

• Romance
• Fun
• Security
• Wealth and power
• Privacy and commitment

We are all different, with different needs so it makes sense to negotiate for what you want, but your first priority should always to be yourself. You can negotiate your personal interests or pastimes to a degree but not your core values such as personal standards, requirements, integrity or spiritual beliefs. For example, agreeing to give up your religious or spiritual beliefs should be non-negotiable. Before embarking on the Dating Game make sure you have a strong sense of self and don’t be scared to express what you’re looking for in a partner.

Nigel is a contributor to the movie documentary Looking for Love released in the UK on the 21st August 2015. Please check the website for times and dates.

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Author Nigel Beckles