In the book ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ the authors makes the point that emotional states can be infectious as diseases and this very true. Does your partner always have problems and a constant negative attitude? If so it is time to seriously evaluate why you are staying with someone who constantly drags down your own mood.  

Toxicity, bad moods and negative attitudes can be highly contagious. The reality is if you stay in a relationship with a person who is toxic sooner or later you will find yourself developing your own toxic behaviours to deal with the situation. You may begin drinking excessively, smoking or using drugs to alleviate the stress and anxiety of being involved with a toxic connection.    

This is the reason if you find yourself in a toxic relationships it is imperative to leave as soon as possible. Understand this: Your mental health will be at risk so you have to leave as soon as possible to pursue your own personal growth.

If you are involved with an abusive person or someone who repeatedly cheats and raises deep trust issues within you will eventually cause paranoia to set in. The longer you stay the more likely you will lose yourself in the poisonous mix of distrust or abuse while your self-esteem takes a serious battering. Remember, abuse is not always physical; it can be manipulation, lies, gas lighting, psychological and a host of other tactics an abuser will use. I have experienced this myself so be warned; initially abusers are very good actors and actresses when they want to suck you in – only after you become involved will the subtle first signs of their abuse and true selves emerge.

You may be in ‘love’ but this is about serious self-preservation and not empowering a person who does not deserve to be in your life. Once you move on and forgive yourself it will be possible to heal and eventually begin a healthy relationship with a person who respects you, but always remember it is important to establish healthy boundaries and pay attention to any red flags before becoming involved again.

From my book ‘Abusive Relations – ‘Exit Strategies’ to be published 2019