“I love being in love, but I also love other things, like not being jealous, overly sensitive, or needy.” – Dark Jar Tin ZooLove Quotes for the Ages. Specifically Ages 19-91

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It may seem strange to think having a relationship with a man with a tendency to be sensitive could be a major problem but Mr. Sensitive can waste a great deal of a woman’s time while draining them dry mentally and emotionally. At first he is likely to impress you appearing to be gentle and softly spoken while openly sharing his insecurities and emotional scars.  Mr. Sensitive may even claim to be in touch with his feminine side, supportive of women, read self-help books and talk about the importance of personal development. His presentation can be very persuasive and he can seem like a dream come true until you become romantically involved and begin to question his temperament or behavior.

Dating Tactics

  • Exaggerates claims of sensitivity or how emotionally fragile he is to divert attention from the covert abuse they are capable of inflicting 
  • A man may claim to be the exact opposite of macho and being insensitive cannot possibly be abusive
  • Uses a great deal of psychobabble to create the impression he is insightful

His presentation sounds so sincere many people refuse to believe Mr. Sensitive could possibly be an abuser which provides cover as it is unlikely others will believe he is capable of abusing his partner. 

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Relationship Tactics, Beliefs & Attitudes

  • Wants women believe he can get inside their heads whether they want this to happen or not
  • Seeks to control by giving the impression he can analyze how a woman’s mind works
  • Extremely selfish believing nothing in the world is more important than his feelings.
  • Believes women should be grateful because he isn’t like other men who are less understanding

As the relationship progresses he will increasingly blame his partner for anything he is dissatisfied with in his own life. This constant negativity begins drag their partner down mentally and emotionally; also makes his partner to feel guilty for his constant unhappiness and negative moods despite your efforts to make him feel better.  

Mr. Sensitive will often use passive aggressive tactics such as guilt trips or sulking to manipulate his partner. If he is accused of abuse this is likely to trigger an episodes of denial, accusations or angry behavior. During the aftermath of an aggressive incident, he will often try to excuse his behavior as an episode of anger rather than abuse, attempting to rationalize and create a difference between the two. He will try to blame his outburst on problems in his life, unhealed emotional issues or blame his partner for hurting his feelings in the first place. Mr. Sensitive appears to be a victim of his caring and sensitive nature which has been exploited by others but he is really a covert mental and emotional vampire who can also be physically abusive.

Dating Warning Signs

  • He expects his partner to focus all of their attention on his hurt feelings
  • His feelings are easily hurt and his partner is often left wondering why
  • The partner may feel like they are constantly walking on egg shells and try to avoid upsetting him
  • If his partner upsets him unintentionally he constantly complains about the incident expecting to be to appeased endlessly for upsetting or hurting him
  • When he complains about how he was treated acts as if this was deliberately inflicted extreme cruelty despite any apologies
  • Whenever his partner is unhappy or upset he insists on dismissing their feelings
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Mr. Sensitive has a strong tendency to be highly self-centered while demanding his emotional needs are catered for within a relationship. The ‘sensitivity’ he displays during the early stages quickly becomes oversensitivity to defend against being challenged or criticized. Eventually, he begins to reveal a very nasty side to his character that no one else ever witnesses and can become threatening or very intimidating. It’s important to understand not all sensitive men are potentially toxic; genuine sensitivity in a man is a gift, not a weakness but there are men who will use their ‘sensitivity’ to manipulate others, especially romantic partners.