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By Imani on 14 July 2015 – This book will wake you up from the fairy tale and give you the facts and the wisdom of how to cultivate a successful relationship or turn an existing relationship around. In this great body of work – Big Relationship Mistakes, Author Nigel Beckles has covered every situation, every scenario that leads to relationship missed-takes, so next time around you can re-take with glowing relationship success. I predict that this book will be a powerful manual for anyone struggling with relationship issues. I will be recommending it to my clients and using it as one of my relationship & self esteem coaching/counselling resources.

The ‘Love Manual’!
By Brian Erskine on 12 Aug. 2015

If everyone was given a copy of this book upon entering adulthood, it would save a lot of unnecessary pain!How to Avoid Making the Big Relationship Mistakes encourages the reader to evaluate the influences which affect our personal choices and behaviour in order to attract the ‘right’ people, and offers a practical field-guide to the reader in the kind of ‘wrong’ choices which may be out there for the unwary. In clear, easy-to-read language the author gives detailed descriptions of commonly held (or subliminal and personal) misconceptions that prevent well-intentioned people from finding a healthy, loving adult sexual relationship. The text is written in a clear ‘here’s the problem – now here’s the solution’ style accompanied by useful quotes which stimulate the reader to find personal and environmental solutions in order to avoid making the “Big Relationship Mistakes.” In summary, if you are considering buying this book, you already need it!

Guide For Growth And Development
By Beverley Sinclair DCH, DHP, NHS, MCH, HA on 13 Aug. 2015

How To Avoid Making The Big Relationship Mistakes really demonstrated how significant communication is in relationships but also provides great guidance on strategies for personal development. This book encourages growth and change within relationship or as an individual, forgiveness, Responsibility and integrity etc. I would recommend this book to my client’s who require the fundamental tools for a successful relationship or for personal development individually. I found the book very useful and inspiring.

This book – Not a mistake!
By Emma Hopkins on 12 Aug. 2015
Format: Paperback
Very informative read and just what I needed. A real eye opener into peoples minds and things I will remember forever.

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