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I am so proud to be a part of this movie documentary!
Looking for Love directed by award winning director Menelik Shabazz!

Release date Friday 21st August 2015! Looking for Love with contributions from Dr Umar Johnson, Jackie Holder, Dr DwightTurner, Susan Quilliam, comedians Eddie Kadi, Slim, Mr Cee, Donna Spence, Glenda Jaxson & authors Daniella Blechner & Nigel Beckles. Release date Friday 21st August 2015. London Cinema’s Listings – Book Now!!



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Reviews Looking For Love
Mark Kermode Observer Film Critic
23rd August 2015

A frank, funny documentary tells ordinary tales to chronicle the state of modern love in the black British community

Interviews, poetry, dance and music combine in Menelik Shabazz’s frank, funny and accessible account of heterosexual modern love. Focusing on the first-hand experiences of the black British community – from young singletons out and about at carnival to a couple who have been married for 50 years – this shoestring-budget doc lends a non-judgmental ear to opinions that range from the eye-opening to the jaw-dropping. A tighter edit may have reined in some of the woollier psychobabble, but the desire to place abusive relationships within a wider historical context (slavery, emasculation etc) pays dividends. Comedians lend mouthy pizzazz but it’s the ordinary tales that tell the greatest truths.


The Guardian
Peter Bradshaw
20th August 2015

Menelik Shabazz’s exploration of relationships in the UK’s Black British Community is laid back and likable

Now that “dating” has again become a topic of brow-furrowing media concern, with Tinder being wheeled out as the villain, it’s a relief to come across something on the subject with such laidback warmth. It’s overlong, needing a stricter edit, but engaging and sympathetic. Film-maker Menelik Shabazz looks at dating and relationships in the UK’s black British community, talking to single people, therapists, relationship counsellors and also to comics, including Andi Osho, who can be relied upon to supply a suitably ribald account of what’s at stake.