Nigel is a Certified Relationship Coach, workshop facilitator, online adviser and a contributor to the award winning movie documentary ‘Looking For Love’ now available on DVD. Relationship Coaches can support people with a variety of relationship dynamics, from romantic relationships to family relations and friendships.

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship Coaching can help individuals achieve greater satisfaction in their intimate and personal relationship when single. This does not necessarily mean working with both partners who may be in a relationship. Coaching can help single client’s explore their beliefs about relationships and make decisions about their goals before they begin dating or becoming romantically involved.

There may be issues around relationships such as:  

  • Finding a suitable partner
  • A recent break-up
  • Maintaining healthy relationships
  • A troubled relationship history
  • Low self-esteem sabotage in relationships
  • Co-dependency issues
  • Previous abusive relationship experiences
  • Leaving a unhappy or abusive relationship    

Relationships & Relating

Relationships are not just about intimate partners but also the interaction with any connection we have with another human being. In some relationships there can be problems around communicating or comprehension where something which is said can be misunderstood resulting in frustration and conflict. Effective communication skills enable us connect with others in healthy ways while feeling what we say is clearly heard and understood while listening to what the other person has to say. Communication is more than just words; it’s also about understanding the emotion and intentions behind any information shared.

How Can Nigel Help?

Nigel can share with client’s strong and mindful communication strategies, personable behaviour skills and the importance of using positive interaction along with the benefits of maintaining healthy personal boundaries. He can show you methods of effective relational interaction for better and more constructive relationships.

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Online Coaching

Online coaching can include using Skype or Zoom on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This will usually be a free regardless of where you may be calling from. Clients can use video facilities or just their voice for online coaching sessions which are booked for 1 hour.  Coaching via phone is also an option.

Personal Individual & Couples Coaching

Personalized face-to-face individual coaching is available in the comfort of your own home however or a mutually convenient location. Coaching fees will reflect any travelling costs occurred.  

Included in all packages

The Relationship Coaching Program has a duration of 8 weeks (2 months)

Booked as one session per week, but may be arranged according to your availability

Payment for Coaching Sessions are made in advance.

Session are one hour long, but may be extended longer

Includes telephone and email contact between sessions if required

Clients will also receive a free copy of Nigel’s first book ‘How to Avoid Making the Big Relationship Mistakes! on Kindle or PDF upon completion of the programme.

Nigel’s mission is to help others avoid the emotional distress of making poor relationship choices and guide people towards finding a partner for a healthy, loving relationship.

If you think Relationship Coaching can help you towards a more positive future, book a free 30 minute Discovery Consultation TODAY!

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