7312[1]Hi! My name is Nigel Beckles and the author of ‘How to Avoid Making the Big Relationship Mistakes!’ I am a certified relationship coach, speaker, work shop facilitator, online adviser and a contributor to the award winning movie documentary ‘Looking For Love’ now available on DVD.

During my childhood I witnessed several incidents of Domestic Violence which impacted on me deeply. I have made some very poor relationship choices where I experienced a great deal of pain, confusion and frustration. My personal experiences along with a keen interest in psychology made me determined to find out why I had sabotaged my own happiness. Following two years of reflection, self-development and personal growth I decided to write my first book and spent four years researching what some of the top experts in the field of relationships had to say to discover the real reasons why so many end in failure or even abuse and violence. I am a Relationship Specialist and Online Adviser with years of experience of supporting and guiding men and women through difficult relationship issues. Supported by teams of administrators I have advised people from all over the world regarding the relationship mistakes that cause many of us a great deal of emotional distress and heartache. My mission is to help others avoid the emotional distress of making poor relationship choices and guide people towards finding a partner for a healthy, loving relationship.  I am very proud of this book and excited to share it with you. Over the last several years I have created the Facebook groups ‘Reflections on Abusive Relationships’ (ROAR) and a major contributor/ administrator for the Facebook group Narcissistic Personality Disorders Survivors (NPDS).  These groups provide support and advice to members who may be seeking support or guidance regarding a variety of relationship issues.

Reflections On Abusive Relationships (ROAR) Reflections On Abusive Relationships (ROAR) – Support Group is a Relationship Abuse Survivors Network that provides information and support for people who maybe going through a difficult time or in ‘Relationship Recovery.’ The Group provides useful information regarding abusive relationships and Personality Disorders as many perpetrators of abuse are often emotionally unstable but have not been officially diagnosed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/reflectionsonabusiverelationships/

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Survivors (NPDS)  Have you ever found yourself spending years in a bad relationship trying to recapture the wonderful first few months you spent together? Have you ever found yourself getting angry or upset about your relationship, without really understanding why this could be? Is your partner overly jealous and possessive? Have you ever found yourself walking on eggshells with a ‘Jekyll And Hyde’ partner or ex-partner? Men and women with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are often dangerous predators who devastate the lives of their victims. Narcissistic Personality Disorder Survivors (NPDS) provides important information and support to members regarding NPD. https://www.facebook.com/groups/npdsurvivors/

Over the last few years these groups have grown tremendously, currently having a combined membership of over 30,000 members. Supported by teams of administrators I have advised many people from all over the world who find themselves experiencing problems or confusion within their relationships and provide practical online advice or support on a variety of issues.

Here are just a few Feedback comments from Members of the Facebook Groups & Reflections on Abusive Relationships (ROAR) & Narcissistic Personality Disorder Survivors (NPDS) Names have been changed to initials to maintain confidentiality. 

‘Can’t thank you enough for this group and all of the assistance you give! Myself & my daughter’s lives are improved so much by your positive contribution. You are a wonderful, kind, caring, loving man, thank you for being so!’ KI UK 

‘This stuff is great..so need to read these articles after spending over twenty years being physically abused by my ex husband..thank you for posting!Nigel Beckles, thank you for educating and paying it forward enlightening many about the aftermath of narcissistic abuse …. you are very much admired and appreciated!’ SP USA

‘This group is really helpful! It has helped me see that I’m not the one who has a problem. I have no support for what I’m going through and no one I can really confide in. I’ve been searching for reason why and found a lot of answer to my questions here. Again thanks so much.’ NH France  

‘Nigel has posted great links. I am so grateful to him for helping educate me on this subject.’ DG UK

‘Love this Group, love the posts. love the members!’ MB UK

‘I’m new to the group & finding it amazingly helpful. Thank you!!’ BB Denmark 

‘Would just like to say what a truly wonderful group this is to be a part of. Sharing problems, hurt, low moments and experiences really is helping me right now. I thought i was alone ( and crazy) but im not. Its not us its them! Stay strong, positive and empowered everyone. We will survive.’ x

‘So I would just like to say thank you for all the support that everyone is giving to me and everyone else on here.’ LB, USA

‘Just wanna say I love this group. Has helped me so much.’ MH, USA

‘This group is very cool! Lots of useful advice. Thanks, y’all!’ CB, California

‘I just thought I should write a quick post thanking each and everyone of you for being a great support system here on Facebook. Not necessarily for me but for all the others on this group. When somebody needs somebody everybody is so quick to respond with encouragement or advice.’ KB, UK

‘In very thankful for being a part of this group, knowing I’m not alone.’  MD, UK

‘I read almost all the posts in this group, and have to say it has been a huge help in my recovery process.’ BC, USA

‘Thank you…one of the BEST groups I’ve found….has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! THANK YOU!!’  PP, Bulgaria

‘I’m so glad to have found this group.’ JO, Nigeria

Nigel Beckles I love this group you are a living Angel! well done I’m so glad I joined!’ SK, UK

‘It’s wonderful that there is so much strength and support in here!’ KLC, USA

‘I cannot say enough good about this site!’ SBM, Australia

‘I am LOVING how everyone pulls together on here when someone needs help!’ PC, Denmark

‘I think this might be a good time to say a HUGE thanks to Nigel Beckleswho started this amazing group – thank you Nigel!’ JG, Ghana

‘This group helped me tremendously as well. I am very thankful and grateful for the support and caring that’s been provided as well.’ xxxx HN, South Africa

‘I would like to say a big Thank You to Nigel Beckles and this entire group. I am a member of another similar group, yet I find the two are like night and day (with this one being day)’.AH, UK

‘Awww…I LOVE MY SUPPORT GROUP!! You guys are AMAZING! Each & everyone of u!!’ JR Germany

‘Thanks to everyone who is so supportive and has given me such a great boost in both knowledge and confidence in here!’ JG, Hungary

‘Thank you very much for the great resources you have set up on Facebook. You help a lot of people every day!’ PM, Israel

‘Ever since I joined this group, I’ve been able to see things much more clearly..I’ve made a couple friends here that are so very caring!’ JPK, USA

‘I’m still enjoying reading your writings, they are very helpful and give a clear understanding.’ BW, Germany 

‘Wow! Have been reading chapters from your book. I’m very impressed. All things I wish my grandmother/grandfather had sat me down and told me years ago. Could have saved me heartache and grey hair. Sign me up for a couple of copies as soon as it comes off the press. Best Wishes.’ DH – New York USA

‘Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m compelled to say that I’m grateful for the fabulous people here! It’s helping me get through some really tough stuff I’d usually be facing alone, so glad I’m strong enough now to reach out! This is straight from my heart!!!’ TW USA

Mr. Beckles, I just wanted to thank you and everyone on the NPD FB site! I never knew what I had experienced over the past 5 years at the hands of a few I cared for dearly. I thought I was alone and after reading so many stories and journeys, a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Being in the work environment that I was in (law enforcement), it is not uncommon to be targeted for being strong, self-assured, self-aware, positive, etc (I didn’t understand this until finding the group). Slowly but surely, I was beaten down & didn’t even recognize myself, but I’m happy to say that I am stronger now than ever and healing day by day. I wanted to join the group, but at this time, I cannot, and wish to remain anonymous due to having friends in common with the others and risking the results that are commonly experienced when confronting our abusers. Again, I just wanted to thank you and everyone for sharing their experiences, It has meant the world to me! KM USA

My book explores a variety of relationship issues providing practical advice on how to avoid the pitfalls that cause many people so much emotional distress and heartache. ‘How To Avoid Making The Big Relationship Mistakes!’ explains in plain language the psychology of relationships, the importance of cultivating self-awareness, the hazards of the Dating Game and much more. I promise if you follow my guidance you can avoid making the serious relationship mistakes and to be much better prepared to meet a suitable partner. Wishing you Love & Light on your journey!